Pets and Halloween Safety Tips



  1. Keep all candy, especially chocolate(toxic), away from pets. Make sure used wrappers are discarded and your pet is not able to dig them out of the trash.
  2. Place decorations out of the reach of your pets. Accidental ingestion of decorative items could cause choking or result in the need for surgery.
  3. Designate a secure spot for your pets inside your home. Trick or treaters come and go all evening and your pets could slip out an open door.
  4. Exercise caution when walking your pets outside. Scan the ground for dropped pieces of candy that your pets could consume. Carry a small flashlight if it’s dark.
  5. Pet costumes should be roomy, reflective and fire retardant.

Halloween is a fun time for people and pets. Keep your pets safe. Be a Good Human. Happy Halloween.