Dog Walker – West Palm Beach Pet Sitter

One of Our Many Happy Clients - "Sadie"

When the dog walker needs a pet sitter in West Palm Beach?

Dog walkers and pet sitters are on call for pet care 365 days a year.  Our passion is taking care of pets and clients homes in West Palm Beach.  So what does a pet sitter/dog walker do when they go on vacation or have an emergency?  Dog walker/pet sitters do need a vacation.  Who would they trust to care for their own pets?

Four Paws of Palm Beach in West Palm Beach is a family owned and operated pet sitting business.  We have contracted with a few veterinary technicians in the West Palm Beach area to be our back up for such occasions. This allows us, the owners of Four Paws of Palm Beach, to have “Peace of Mind.”  Just like our clients pets receive “best” care, we want that same “best” care for our own pets.

Several pet sitters in West Palm Beach have Four Paws of Palm Beach set up as emergency back up for their businesses.  By working together, everyone wins.

Four Paws of Palm Beach – dog walker/pet sitter in West Palm Beach.