Hurricane Guide

What are your plans in case a disaster should strike Palm Beach County? Four Paws of Palm Beach recommends that all their pet sitting clients have a disaster plan in place.  Having such a plan will reduce stress and panic when a disaster strikes.

Hurricane Season starts June 1st and ends November 30th.  Although hurricanes are Southeast Florida’s annual disaster concern, disasters can happen in many forms and at any time as we have learned in Boston, MA and West, TX.  Disasters can be man made or natural and can happen at any time.

For hurricanes, keep a current medical history for all your pets.  Place the record in a gallon Ziploc bag along with current photos, microchip information and an alternative contact person. The record should be kept with the pets crate or carrier.  Include a weeks supply of medications, food and water prior to June 1st.  Should you need to evacuate, make plans now for where you will go.  Please don’t leave any pets behind.  All counties in Florida have a shelter for pets.  Check which hotels will accept you and your pets.  Many veterinarian hospitals are approved to shelter pets in a hurricane.  Many have permanent generators.

Four Paws of Palm Beach is ready to assist their clients in West Palm Beach.  Should Palm Beach close the bridges and restrict re-entry to residents only, we would offer to move our pet sitting clients pets to the mainland prior to bridge closings. Several of our Palm Beach clients have arrangements with a neighbor in case the access to Palm Beach is restricted.  Again, they have made a plan for what if!

Four Paws of Palm Beach, the premier pet sitting service in West Palm Beach, is prepared for disasters, are you?  Take time today to write down your disaster plan. You have to write it down to “Be prepared.”  Disasters can strike anytime and anywhere.  Your success is in you planning.

To view a list of pet friendly hurricane shelters click here.

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