Fourth of July and Pets

The Fourth of July is a celebration of our freedom and independence as a nation. The United States is the best place to live in the world. Many celebrate with BBQ’s, fireworks and family get together.  Pets are pets, and because we are busy with our celebrations, we need to ensure the safety of our pets.

Make sure your pets are secured especially if you have guests that will be opening and closing doors a lot.  Pets can easily escape.  They should be microchipped in case they get lost.  Microchips also need to be registered.  That’s how pets are traced back to the owner of record.

Fireworks can be very scary and dangerous.  We use the “Thunder Shirt” to keep him calm for the loud booms.  They are available thru your veterinarian, online or at pet stores.  Other options can be discussed with your veterinarian.  We used to use a tranquilizer, but prefer the “Thunder Shirt”.  Thunder shirts swaddle the dog and decreases the static electricity of their hair.

BBQ’s are always lots of great food, but pets love to eat all that food as well.  Preventing your pets from eating the Fourth of July BBQ food can save you money and time at your veterinarian office.  Just feed them their regular diet.  Maybe a few extra dog treats.  Four Paws wants his “kitty” treats.