Four Paws of Palm Beach

Editor in Chief

In 2001, we rescued Rudy, who had been abandoned at an apartment building.  She was pregnant, so we opted to have the kittens.  The only surviving kitten was Four Paws, a sweet grey domestic short hair with 4 white paws.  Four Paws loves to lay across you, get under the covers or in general be very close to people when they decide to lay down.  The perfect therapy cat.

He plays hide and seek with our Border Collie, Tokyo, and his feline brother, Doc Holliday.   He’s always running back and forth in the house thinking everyone is playing along with him.  He can also open cupboard or closet doors, finding really cool hiding spots.

Hence, Four Paws became the inspiration for naming our pet sitting business, Four Paws of Palm Beach.  Since Four Paws is the office cat, a character in his own rights and our love of Dilbert made choosing “Four Paws at The Water Cooler” as the name for this blog.  After all Dilbert has the dog character and Four Paws deserved his cat day as speaker at the water cooler.